Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry
Prof. D. M. Sherman

Facilities in our lab:

We have a laboratory for routine experiments in aqueous geochemistry that includes two constant temperature rooms, a fume hood, controlled-atmosphere glove box, centrifuges, MilliQ water system and analytical balances. Instrumental/analytical facilities include:
  • Siemens D-500 X-ray diffractometer
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometry
  • Voltammetry with Hg and Pt electrodes
  • Potentiometry with autotitration system at constant T

Outside research facilities

Much of our work uses synchrotron radiation for X-ray spectroscopy. We use several light sources:

Computational Capabilities:

Quantum mechanical modelling of aqueous solutions and mineral surfaces is done using several standard codes: Thermodynamic modelling ("Geochemical Modelling") is done using:
EXAFS Spectroscopy

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