Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry
Prof. D. M. Sherman

Current Staff and Ph.D Students

  • David M. Sherman (Professor of Geochemistry)
  • P. Chung Choi (Research Associate)
  • Charlie Bacon (PhD Student)
  • Yuan Mei (PhD Student, based at U. of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia)
  • Ifeoma Ugwu (PhD Student)
  • David Moore (Research Assistant, volunteer)


  • Caroline Peacock (Lecturer at University of Leeds)
  • Jorgen Jonsson (working in Industry)
  • Chris Hubbard (now at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
  • Emma Todd (now in the Pyrenees)
  • Simon Randall (working in Industry)
  • Matt Collings (working in Industry)

Aquatic Research

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