Environmental Geochemistry
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Environmental Geochemistry
Prof. D.M. Sherman

Course Overview

This is the Level-2 Environmental Geochemistry course required for both Geology and Environmental Geoscience students. The goal of the course is to understand how biogeochemical processes couple the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. We will also focus on the fate of chemical pollutants in soil and groundwater. It is essential that you have mastered (more or less) A-Level chemistry (or Chemistry IE at Bristol) and A-Level Maths (or Maths 1E at Bristol) and the material we covered in Chemistry for Earth Scientists.

Lecture Topics

1. Introduction 2. Chemical Fundamentals 3. Biogeochemistry
4. Organic Geochemistry 5. The Atmosphere 6. Weathering and Clay Mineralogy
7. Sorption and Ion Exchange Equilibria 8. Soil Chemistry 9. Chemistry of Groundwater
10. Kinetics and Dynamics 11. Rivers and Lakes 12. Estuaries
13. Marine Chemistry I 14. Marine Chemistry II 15. Paleochemistry

Problem Sets and Solutions (PDF)

1: Redox Equilibria and Biogeochemistry
(worked solutions)
2: Carbonate Equilbria and Weathering
3: Soil and Groundwater Equilibria
4: Open Systems and Kinetics
5: Rivers, Lakes and Oceans

Useful external links for basic chemistry revision

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