Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Profs. D.M. Sherman and T.R. Elliott

Course Overview

This is the Level-2 Geochemistry course required for both Geology and Environmental Geoscience students. The goal of the course is to introduce you to thermodynamics and the use of stable and radiogenic isotopes. These are powerful tools used to understand the chemical processes that form the Earth. This course provides essential background for Environmental Geochemistry, Igneous Geology and Metamorphic Petrology. It is essential that you have mastered (more or less) A-Level chemistry (or Chemistry IE at Bristol) and A-Level Maths (or Maths 1E at Bristol).

Lecture Notes (in PDF)

1. Maths and Physics for Geochemistry
2. Thermodynamics I: The First Law
3. Thermodynamics II: The Second Law and Free Energy
4. Thermodynamics III: Activities and Chemical Equilibria
5. Origin of the Elements and their Isotopes
6. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
7. Formation and Differentiation of the Earth
8. Aqueous Solutions I
9. Aqueous Solutions II
10. Redox Equilibria I
11. Hydrothermal Fluids
12. Kinetics of Geochemical Processes
13. Radiogenic Isotope Tracers 14. Radiogenic Isotope Tracers 15. Radiogenic Isotope Tracers

Geochemistry Problem Sets and Practicals (in PDF)

1.Work, Heat and Concentration
2. Thermodynamic Calculations
3. Acid-Base and Solubility Equilibria
4. Redox Equilibria
5. Using Isotopes as Tracers

Supplemental Topics

Useful external links for supplemental reading

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