Environmental Field Analysis
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Environmental Field Analysis
Prof. D.M. Sherman

Course Overview

This is the Level-4 field and laboratory course for Environmental Geoscience MSci Students. The goal of this unit is to teach students proper field sampling techniques, laboratory analytical techniques (ICP-OES, Ion Chromatography) and how to write a scientific report. In this unit, we will undertake a field sampling and analysis of catchment waters near Lake Windermere; we will also sample the lake and its sediments as a function of depth. Analysis of major and trace elements will be done using the ICP-OES facilty at Bristol. We will also analyse the water samples for anions using ion chromatography. From the analytical data we obtain, we will try to identify the processes determining the chemistry of the catchment streams and the lake itself. We will use the analyses to develop a box model for the major ions in Lake Windermere.


Please consult the course handout for details of the work plan and report guidelines.

Suggested Reading

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