Chemistry for Earth Scientists
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Chemistry for Earth Scientists
Prof. D.M. Sherman

Course Overview

This is Level-1 course required for both Geology and Environmental Geoscience students. The goal of the course is to introduce you to the essentials of chemistry for your later studies in Geology and Environmental Geoscience. We will emphasize chemical thermodynamics, bonding in ionic materials and aqueous chemistry.

Lecture Notes (in PDF)

1. Atomic Theory: Elements, Compounds and Chemical Reactions
2. Atomic Structure and Spectroscopy
3. Ions and Ionic Compounds
4. Covalent Bonding
5. Covalent Bonding II
6. Heat and Work
7. Entropy and Free Energy
8. Thermochemical Calculations
9. The Equilibrium Constant
10. Acid-Base Equilibria
11. Solubility Equilibria
12. Phase Rule and Colligative Properties of Solutions
13. Oxidation-Reduction Equilibria I
14. Oxidation-Reduction Equilibria II
15. Kinetics of Chemical Reactions
16. Organic and Biochemistry
17. Descriptive Chemistry: Non-metals
18. Descriptive Chemistry: Transition Metals

Solutions to Practicals

Practical 1:Unit Factor Method
Practical 2:Electronic Structures, Ions and Ionic Bonding
Practical 3:Thermodynamic Calculations
Practical 4:Solubility and Acid/Base Equilibria
Practical 5:Redox Equilibria
Practical 6:Chemical Kinetics

Supplemental Material

Useful external links for supplemental reading

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