Analytical Geochemistry
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Analytical Geochemistry
Prof. D.M. Sherman and Dr. P.C. Choi

Course Overview

This is a Level-2 unit for Environmental Geoscience students. The goal of the course is to understand the principles and techniques used for the chemical analysis of soil and water samples.

Lecture Topics

1. Chemical Calculations
2. Statistics and Data Analysis Problem Solving Session
3. Volumetric Methods 4. Atomic Spectroscopy Problem Solving Session
5. Spectrophotometry 6. Electrochemistry I: electrodes and potentiometry Problem Solving Session
7. Electrochemistry II: electrodes and potentiometry 8. Chromatography Problem Solving Session
9. Sequential Extraction: Analysing Soils and Sediments 10. Mineralogical Characterization Problem Solving Session

Practicals (PDF)

1. Volumetric Titrations (Alkalinity) 2. ICP-OES (cations) 3. Colorimetry (Fe+2/Fe+3)
4. Ion Chromatography (Anions) 5. Dissolved Oxygen 6. SEM/EPMA

Extra Reading

Useful external links for basic chemistry revision

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