Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry
Prof. D. M. Sherman


The goal of our research is to understand, at a molecular level, the geochemical processes that couple the lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. We are especially interested in the complexation of aqueous ions by dissolved ligands and mineral surfaces. These reactions control the geochemical cycles of trace micronutrients such as Fe and Cu and toxic heavy metals such as Hg, As and U. We investigate the coordination chemistry and electronic structures of minerals, aqueous complexes and the mineral/water interface using classical experiments in aqueous chemistry, synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopy and theoretical calculations based on first-principles density functional theory or classical atomistic simulations.

We have a well-equipped laboratory for classical experiments in mineral-solution equilibria under controlled conditions. Our analytical capabilties include ICP-AES, UV-Visible spectrophotometry, voltammetry and potentiometric methods. The department provides access to world-class facilities for isotopic measurements.

EXAFS Spectroscopy

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